Burning Platform Apps

Burning Platform Apps creates great apps for your Windows Phone. We’ll be publishing for Azure soon!

Ride Smart

Ride Smart is the best way to get an Uber on your Windows Phone.  Enter your destination to see how much each Uber option costs – even when there’s surge pricing. Then, choose the car you want and we’ll send you to the Uber app so you can request your ride!

  • Unlike the official Uber app, you can search for your destination by name and address.
  • It’s also simple to save your home and work addresses, and create a start screen tile for either or any recent destination.  Don’t waste time re-entering your favorite places!
  • Our new Foursquare and Swarm integration lets you see if your friends have recently checked-in nearby.  Just sign-in to your account.
  • Our destination search page has also been Foursquare-enhanced to show you the top sights and picks in your current city, and which ones your friends have visited.

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Purple Contacts

Copy Yahoo! Contacts to your Windows Phone with Purple Contacts.  Import Yahoo! Contacts and Yahoo! Mail contacts to your phone’s address book, email, messaging, and other apps.

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