Ride Smart

Ride Smart is the best way to get an Uber on your Windows Phone.  Enter your destination to see how much each Uber option costs – even when there’s surge pricing. Then, choose the car you want and we’ll send you to the Uber app so you can request your ride!R

  • Unlike the official Uber app, you can search for your destination by name and address.
  • It’s also simple to save your home and work addresses, and create a start screen tile for either or any recent destination.  Don’t waste time re-entering your favorite places!
  • Our new Foursquare and Swarm integration lets you see if your friends have recently checked-in nearby.  Just sign-in to your account.
  • Our destination search page has also been Foursquare-enhanced to show you the top sights and picks in your current city, and which ones your friends have visited.

Get Ride Smart today!

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